The Uneventful Event

The two thirds that remain in the nest, flitted off to the first day of 6th grade and the first day of the last year of high school.  And that was that. 

C left at the crack of dawn to have breakfast with the girlfriend before school. Then B left for work. And then G. Bing. Bang. Boom. 

Of course when it came down to packing G’s lunch, which is new this year, of course the overstocked pantry had “nothing he liked”. He IS becoming his brother. The super cool shirt I just bought for him and ironed for today…. well…..” he didn’t really care for it”. Another C trait. And I got the exact same answer from both boys about the days end – good. I’d hoped G would continue to be G. Sweet. Caring. And Mamas boy. Not so much I guess. 

I guess good sums up my day, too. As it was same ol’ same ol’ – just no one around to NOT help me. LOL

H is finishing up summer classes which will lead right into Junior year of college. What. The. Hell.  I won’t be around her for that transition and she seems to be just fine with that, not in a roll my eyes kinda way, but more like a she doesn’t need me and is good kinda way. 

It is sad to think those days of celebrating the first day back is dead and gone.  I’m struggling with uneventful-ness. Because hell, that’s boring. And. Today. Was. Boring.