And On The Fifth Day


Middle school is basically when I cut the apron strings with H and with C. And if the masses were reading this, I’m guessing most would be appalled. So given the fact that this has been G’s first full week of middle school, our conversations have revolved around the said “cutting of the strings”. 

He doesn’t care. 

And by doesn’t care, I mean, he expected it and has no problem with it. And can I just say, the transition with him has been nothing short of holy shit. He is so ready. And so mature. And so able to handle this responsibility. H and C maybe not so apparent in 6th grade. But seeing them grow into the people they are, I have no doubts that my way has worked. And it will be no different with G. 

Funny thing is, G communicates a lot better than the other two ever did. And the things that have come out of his mouth this whole week has left me in awe of the little person he already is. My stomach turns a little, thinking that I don’t think I handled things as well as he is when I was 11. 11 today is a whole helluva lot different than back in 19whenever…….

His foreword thinking is incredible. His confidence is crazy good. So fingers crossed things just keep getting better for him. I am too busy making peace with the fact that I have my last kid in middle school, that I have little time left worrying about how he’s handling this. 

When necessary though, I will not hesitate to be a bitch or ride him like a pony when necessary. If you ask the older two, I’m sure they see that as my trademark mom move.