The Job


Is part of the parents job to find something wrong in everything?  I find myself creating unsubstantiated reasons to not like M for H.

I have heard the word perfect come out of H’s mouth more often than not. And while my logical self sees that perfection most times, when my head starts thinking of various scenarios I can find the not-so perfect like it’s my job.

Speaking of job…….He has no job. Yet.  He has no career. Yet. He is an only child. His home is 2600 miles away from H’s. Again my logical sense tells me that YET is the operative word in this setting.  See…. I do try to be logical. My logical sense also tells me that I do not have a video recorder strapped to either one of them, so how the hell do I even know if any of those imperfections I’ve created, even exist?  I don’t. And that drives me nuts.

Is that even my right to know?  Brings me back to thinking about boundaries….