The Reason


God my head is full.  And I’ve no where else to let loose.  So herein lies the reason for the blog.  Get that shit out.

So much is boggling my mind up.  The clutter of thoughts.  The not knowing how to deal with the ups and the downs of this “new” chapter of my life.  Of my family’s life.  Kids getting older.  Growing up.  Heading out.

The possibility of just getting a few things written down to “just say it” so to speak can really do wonders, I think.  The catharsis of just saying what I am thinking would be like free therapy.  And god knows I’d rather spend the money elsewhere.

To set the scene.  B and I have never been better.  25 years will be our celebration in a month.  We’ve rode every possible roller coaster that marriage presents.  But right here right now, we are riding up the steep hill and it’s damn exciting.  H – well, H is probably why I need to write.  She left the nest.  But holy hell did she do it all at once.  College.  Boyfriend/”The One”.  Independent as could be.  And I am a wreck over it.  C – is finding his way.  His own way.  Can’t say that is a surprise because he has ALWAYS done that.  But changing things up in his life to suit him and not me, took getting used to.  That’ll be quite the journey here too.  And G is just G – which as far I can tell at this point in time, is exactly how I imagined.  His own little person.  In every way shape and form.  That’ll change I am sure of it.

Tomorrow will bring more words.  More thoughts.  Just more.  I’m ready to unload.