The Boundaries


H is in Canada with M.  No communication.  Meaning what I consider communication which is actually speaking.  Only snapchat and an occasional text.  Which I am completely not ok with.

So where is the boundary there?   She’s 20, so where am I to draw the line of needing/wanting to know what she is doing, why, and how she is feeling about it?  Am I overthinking all of this because she is in Canada?  Am I not liking this because she is with M?  Or his parents?  Or a situation she make like better than her current?

So I do my usual, which is to not only limit my own communication with her, but take it to the extreme.  Part in parcel to make a point with her, which never works if I am honest.  And also, because I am angry that this is how it is and I just don’t want to project that on her.

Why is THIS situation so different and so difficult to handle, than when she was at home or with my boys?  Do parents really have no right to know what is going on 24/7 when your kid is no longer under your roof?

This is my dilemma and I can’t figure this one out.  While parenting from the get go is just figuring things out, I am finding that “parenting” of an adult is not that fucking easy either.  Is it even called parenting at this point?

Meanwhile C tells me his entire schedule today.  Which is how I like it, but certainly not what I’ve come to expect from him.

My head is all over the place today.  LOL.  Just need to make sure it stays on the correct side of the yellow line…….