Listening and Learning

It took a little over two hours total of facetimeing with H yesterday to catch up with her. While my intention was to be a mom and have a “learning moment” pertaining to being an adult and respecting the fact that there are responsibilities that accompany that, it turned into quite the learning moment for me as well. 

And it actually happened because I listened. I didn’t just listen to her words, for the sake of just hearing her speak and then talk over her, but shutting my mouth and actually hearing what she was saying. Sometimes that had nothing to do with the words, but her facial expressions. (Thank God for FaceTime!) I felt what she was saying. I’m not always really good at that, but at this moment in her life, I think it’s critical that I sharpen up that skill. 

The end result – it’s the same for all parents I’m sure – we will do ANYTHING for our kids. 

Author: gini1965

I am me. I am a wife. I am a mom. In that order.

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